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Author Topic: Upcoming changes to Gold Medal Rewards from Dungeons and Adventures  (Read 1112 times)


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Posted Today, 01:42 PM
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Greetings Nexians!


Based on the feedback we’ve been getting both from you and our own internal testing, we are planning on making revisions to the way Superb-quality loot is awarded in dungeons and adventures. Simply put, we currently place too much value on completing gold runs for veteran level content. By placing Superb-quality rewards behind a gate of near-perfect PUG performance, we have fostered a “Gold runs or bust” mentality that is negatively affecting our group play experience. We’d much rather people engage with the content and complete the runs they start.


Therefore, we will soon be implementing the following changes:


·         The existing gold medal rewards are being removed from gold medal completion.

o   These rewards will instead drop off the final bosses or encounters for dungeons and adventures.

o   The table from which this loot drops has a chance to be selected and is granted in addition to that bosses regular loot.


·         Any medals earned instead will instead give the group bonus rolls on an instance-wide loot list, at the end of the instance, on top of extra coin and experience rewards.

o   By way of example, completing a bronze medal would provide one bonus reward roll on top of the regular boss kill and completion reward, while a silver medal would provide two bonus rolls and a gold medal would provide three bonus rolls.

o   The items on these rolls are randomly selected from all equipment rewards that could drop from any boss or encounter inside that instance.

§  Each of these bonus rolls has a smaller, flat chance to select from the list of superb rewards.


We want groups to complete full runs of the dungeons and adventures, regardless of the medal earned. Instead of needing to disband immediately when a gold run fails, the Superb-quality rewards are available by working together to get through the instance.


Simply put: if your group runs Veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, all you need to do to earn a shot at Superb-quality loot is defeat Spiritmother Selene. No more medal requirements!


If you have any more feedback for us, please post it. The devs are listening!

Alastiir Shelthar

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So percentage of epic goes down, but amount of possible drops goes up... Which is good for some adventures (think WotW with only a few base blues) but for things like Malgrave with a minimum of 44 blues (assuming you only count 2 different blues per path option, remove bronze and silver blue rewards) and 15 possible epics.......... Why won't my helmet ever drop 2.0 anyone?


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Be careful what you wish for...


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