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Author Topic: Raid Buffs/Debuffs  (Read 1747 times)


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Raid Buffs/Debuffs
« on: Aug 07, 2014, 11:04 AM »
I found a list with various buffs, debuffs, etc.

Could be helpful to find the most optimal lineup for progression. If you see any errors please feel free to point it out and let me correct it. I might change the setup later, but for now the information is here.

I went ahead and took out some of the abilities(stuns/snares) because we all know what ones we should be running.




Assault: Bio Shell 10 seconds cooldown - Reduces technology resistance by 7% ~ +1% per tier, at T8 reduces armor instead of Technology Resistance.
Assault: Unstable Anomaly 10 seconds cooldown - Reduces incoming healing by 30% for 10s. ~ +2% per tier, T4 disables shields for 4.5s. Healing reduction increases to 75% on blinded or stunned foes.

Support: Particle Ejector T8 No cooldown (5 Volatility/tick) - Reduces armor by 20% per tick for 3s.
Support: Unsteady Miasma T4 ONLY No cooldown (40 Volatility) - Decreases CC resilience by 16% for 3s.
Support: Hyper wave T8 ONLY 15 seconds cooldown - Taunt + increased threat generation by 9%, Reduces critical hit chance by 19% for 6 seconds
Support: Ricochet base/T8 6 seconds cooldown - Exhaust drains 18% endurance. T8 Applies snare, 25% reduced movement speed for 5s, 58% endurance drain.
Support: Disruptive Module (SHIELD REGEN) 12 seconds cooldown - Restores 15.85%(SP)+5.01(BD) shield to self and 4 allies within 10m each tick per foe hit.

Utility: Zap T8 ONLY 30 seconds cooldown - Reduces enemy Deflect Critical Chance by 37.65% for 2.5s
Utility: Recurvie Matrix 30 seconds cooldown - If between 30 and 70 Volatility, grants a 87.5%(AP)+87.5%(SP) absorb to self and 10 allies nearby.
Utility: Obscruct vision T4 ONLY - Grants 1 interrupt armor to self and 4 allies within 20m for 10s.
Utility: Repair bot ability (SHIELD REGEN No cooldown (?) - Shield boost: Restores 12.85%(SP)+12.95%(AP)+8.21(BD) to 5 allies within 10m every second for 4.05s. T8 grants 18% tech and magic resistance


Assault: Smackdown 15 seconds cooldown - Reduces all resistances by 10% for 9s.
Assault: Augmented Blade 15 seconds cooldown - Reduces incoming healing by 40% for 14s.

Support: Jolt T4 ONLY 6 seconds cooldown  - Reduces technology resistance by 12.65% for 10s.
Support: Plasma Wall T8 ONLY 8 seconds cooldown - Applies defense to 4 allies behind you. 30% reduces damage for 3s.
Support: Polarity Field 15 seconds cooldown - Prevents endurance regen and drains 6% endurance per tick.
Support: Bolstering Strike T8 ONLY( SHIELD REGEN) 4 seconds cooldown  - Restore shield to 4 allies 7m.
Support: Shield Burst T4 ONLY (OVERLOAD) 15 seconds cooldown - Restore shield to 4 allies within 8m.

Utility: Defense Grid 60 seconds cooldown - Reduces damage taken by 21% to party members inside the field. At T8 restores 5.5%(SP)+5.5%(AP) shield every 2s to party members inside the field.
Utility: Power Link 25 seconds cooldown - increases damage dealt by 18% for 10 seconds. Self and 4 party members within 20m. At T4 damage is 22,9% %. T4 Increase damage by everyone in the raid by 2.5%. 0.6% increase per tier.
Utility: Plasma Blast (TAUNT) 15 seconds cooldown - Reduces damage dealt to all targets, except taunter by 25% for 5s.
Utility: Flash bang 25 seconds cooldown - Reduces Strikethrough chance by 25% for 5.s Also destroys 1 interrupt armor.
Utility: Emergency Reserves (ABSORB) 25 seconds cooldown - Grants emergency reserves to 4 party members within 10m (Shield absorbs 100% damage)


Assault: Haunt 8 seconds cooldown - Reduces magic resistance by 8% for 10s. +2% per tier.
Assault: Telekinetic Storm T8 ONLY No cooldown, 1-5 Psi Points - Deflect chance is reduced by 2% Stacks 4 times.

Support: Phantasmal Armor 45 seconds cooldown - Grants additional interrupt armor and 15% increased magic resistance.
Support: Mending Banner No cooldown, 1-5 Psi Points   - Increases armor.
Support: Warden T4/T8 15 seconds cooldown - T4: Increases physical and magic resistance by 12% for 6s. T8: On death, warden grants 64% damage absorption to 5 nearby allies.
Support: Pyrokinetic Flame 10 seconds cooldown - Allies healed gets increases assault and support power by 5% for 4s.
Support: Bolster T4 ONLY (ABSORB) 10 seconds cooldown - Grants 10% absorb to ally.
Support: Mental Boon T4 (DASH REGEN) No cooldown, 1-5 Psi Points  - HoT + Grant Nimble to yourself and 4 allies for 6 seconds - increases Dash Regen by 15%/20%/25%/30%/42% (per Psi Point spent) - T4 increase Dash Regen bonus

Utility: Crush T8 ONLY 35 seconds cooldown - Decreases magic resistance by 35% for 6s.
Utility: Incapacitate 40 seconds cooldown - Prevents ability usage for 4s or until weapon has been recovered. T4: Decreases magic resistance by 6% T8: If foes are casting apply Blind: Hinders vision and reduces hit chance by x%
Utility:Fade Out 30 seconds cooldown - Reduces Assault power and Support power by 5%
Utility: Catharsis (CLEANSE) 6 second cooldown - cleanses 2 debuffs from self and 5 allies. T4: CLeanses 3 debuffs. T8: Purge 2 buffs from foes.


Assault: Arcane Missiles 12 seconds cooldown - Decreases Magic Resistance by 5% for 12s. Stacks 2 times.

Support: Runic Healing T4 ONLY  No cooldown 4focus/tick - Decreases magic damage taken by 10% for 2.25s. While staionary, increased to 16%
Support: Astral Infusion T8 ONLY 30 seconds cooldown - Reduces damage taken by 5% for 6s.
Support: Dual Fire T8 ONLY 5 seconds cooldown - Strikethrough chance increased by 3.6% for friendlies. Reduces for foes.
Support: Healing Torrent T4 ONLY (ABSORB) 3 seconds cooldown - Grants absorb to allies that are under the effects of voidspring or healing salve.
Support: Voidspring T8 ONLY (DMG REDUCTION) 18 seconds cooldown - Reduces all damage taken by 3%.
Support: Runes of Protection (ABSORB) 18 seconds cooldown - Grants Absorb to yourself and 4 allies for 10s. T8 - grants 1 Interrupt Armour
Support: Regenerative Pulse (T8 only) 15 seconds cooldown - Protects from death for 2s divided up amongst 3 allies

Utility: Void Pact 45 seconds cooldown - Increases Assault power by 9% of maximum for 10s. T8 If under spell surge increases Assault power bonus to 16% Swiftness for 10s.
Utility: Purify (CLEANSE) 6 seconds cooldown - Cleanse 2 debuffs from self and 4 allies. T8: Cleanse 3 debuffs.
Utility: Affinity (ABSORB) 15 seconds cooldown - Grants beacon to self or ally for 10s. Increases incoming heal by 10% T8: grants 45.5%(AP)+(45.5%(SP).
Utility :Arcane Shock   - Destroys 1 Interrupt Armour and applies Arcane Shock; prevents using a cast time ability by applying 1 interrupt


Assault: Punish T4 ONLY 8 seconds cooldown - Increases physical damage taken by 4.5% for 6s.
Assault: Phebotomize 10 seconds cooldown - Reduces incoming healing by 50% for 8s.

Support: Razor Disk 10 seconds cooldown - Reduces armor by 10% for 6s. T8: Also reduces deflect chance by 5%
Support: Amplification Spike 15 seconds cooldown - Increases deflect chance by 10%. T4: Increases deflect critical hit chance by the same amount. T8: Increases physical and Technology resistances by 13%
Support: Decimate 5 seconds cooldown - Reduces damage dealt by 10% for 10s. +1% per tier.
Support: Nano Virus 6 seconds cooldown - Reduces critical hit severity by 6% for 10s Stacks 2 times.
Support: Razor Storm T8 ONLY 30 seconds cooldown - Reduces strikethrough by 10%.
Support: Frenzy T8 ONLY (PHYSC REDUCTION) No cooldown 12 suit pwr/tick - Reduces physical Resistance by 3%. Stacks 6 times.

Utility: Bloodthirst(lifesteal) 30 seconds cooldown - Grants 50% lifesteal for self and 4 party members. T4: Increases Assault and Support Power by 7%.
Utility: Reaver (DAMAGE REDUCTION) 15 seconds cooldown - Taunt: Reduces damage dealt to all targets other than self by 100% for 4s.


Assault: Fissure 15 seconds cooldown - Reduces technology resistance by 12% for 12s.
Assault: Dematerialize T8 ONLY (OVERLOAD) 8 seconds cooldown - Deactivates shields for 8s.

Support: Barrier (INT ARMOR) 45 seconds cooldown - Grants 1 interrupt armor to 3 allies on targeted area. T4: Grants 2 interrupt armor to allies below 70%.
Support :Shield Surge T4 ONLY(SHIELD MITIGATION) No cooldown. 2 Actuators & 41 focus - Increases shield mitigation by 25% for 8s.

Utility: Field Probes 25 seconds cooldown - Increases incoming heal by 20%. Reduces healing by 25% for foes.
Utility: Protection Probes 20 seconds cooldown - Increases all resistances by 17% for 10s. T4: Grants increased dash regen by 35%. T8: shield restore 14.11%(AP)14.11%(SP) every 2s. +1 Resistance per tier.
Utility: Empowering Probes 20 seconds cooldown - Increases damage dealt by 10% for 10s. T4: Increases critical hit chance and strikethrough by 3%. T8: Increases duration by 3s. +0.625% damage per tier.
Utility: Antidote(DISPEL) 8 seconds cooldown - Dispel 2 debuffs from self and 5 allies. T8: Dispel 4 Debuffs.

Now I know we are already running with buffs/debuffs in our raid groups. I only posted this so we can see what all other classes can do easily that way we can make sure we can squeeze all the DPS we can get out of ourselves.


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Re: Raid Buffs/Debuffs
« Reply #1 on: Aug 07, 2014, 11:55 AM »
Who wants to put this in a list of what stacks.


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Re: Raid Buffs/Debuffs
« Reply #2 on: Aug 07, 2014, 12:41 PM »
Someone sticky this, great reference info


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Re: Raid Buffs/Debuffs
« Reply #3 on: Aug 07, 2014, 01:20 PM »
Who wants to put this in a list of what stacks.

Working on finding out what buffs/debuffs stack so i can make a more detailed post/spreadsheet so we can see how to squeeze more DPS.


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