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Author Topic: Big news day (Wildstar Wednesday returns?)  (Read 1221 times)


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Big news day (Wildstar Wednesday returns?)
« on: Aug 27, 2014, 11:08 AM »

Gaffney steps down as Carbine Pres


Carbine Studios Staff
Posted Yesterday, 03:25 PM
Hey guys. 
I wanted to let you know that I’m stepping down as President of Carbine Studios. I’m not leaving entirely; I’ll be adopting more of a consulting role going forward with Carbine (and possibly elsewhere in the industry down the road).
This is not a bad thing. Some of our current development stars will be stepping up to lead WildStar forward while I can help work with them from the outside.
I have a personal “no bullshit” policy (which I think I’ve infused Carbine with as well), so let me give some context here without getting too personal.
“Focusing on family” is most often, in my opinion, a horseshit excuse you hear from executive types (usually departing with a forcible shove).
In my case, it is part of my reason for stepping down - through 2013, my wife and I lost six members of our families to various reasons – mostly cancer. I myself was diagnosed at the end of last year with a fatal-if-untreated form of skin cancer.  I had let it go untreated/undiagnosed for over 9 months while focusing on work instead. I dodged a bullet; surgery was successful and I’m cancer-free - but (if you ever go through anything similar you’ll know) that’s a hell of a wake-up call.
I mention this now (I usually don’t talk about personal stuff, because who cares) to say: don’t be my brand of idiot, if you see an unusual mole or marking get it checked out ASAP; there’s worse stuff out there than what I had.
On the professional front, when you lead a team this size in a company this size, there are a variety of strong opinions on every major decision. It’s been a pleasure helping steer us through to launch, but I think having one less strong opinion in the mix can be a good thing too. Even if I’m always right, of course.
Anyways, all this culminates in a need to take some time off before leaping into the next set of adventures.  This has not been an easy decision for me to make, as I’ve pretty much poured my life into Carbine and WildStar. I’m proud of what we accomplished; we took a no-name IP to a big ass MMO launch, which ain’t easy in this day and age. There’s more work to do (the devs are indeed listening) but we have a great team to do it with as well.
I think it’s important that the folks here coordinate together around a single vision to move forward, and as part of that I’m looking forward to working with NCSOFT and Carbine in a very supportive role moving forward. I’ll likely not be as active in the forums and community as I have been in the past (some of y’all have noticed this already as I’ve worked here on my transition over the last months). But I’m far too passionate about you and WildStar to just get up and go entirely; while my role has changed, my voice hasn’t.
Thanks guys for your support and for being passionate WildStar fans – I remain one too.

PVP ratings reset


Carbine Studios Staff
Posted Yesterday, 03:02 PM

With the release of the next drop, we will be resetting all team and personal ratings (arena’s, RBG’s & Warplots) to 1200 in order to restore queue health and eliminate the “rating hole” that many players found themselves in due to rating tankers and other forms of exploitation.
This will not mark a new season, which means there will not be season rewards associated with the reset. In addition, all of the current PvP gear will remain intact and the gear gap reductions (now on PTR and being pushed to live this week) will enable players in PvP blue sets to be competitive with those in Tier 2 (1800’s) sets.
The next drop will also bring the following updates:
The Elo formula will be modified in order to decrease the amount of rating lost when defeated in a rated PvP match
The K value thresholds will be adjusted in order to make the swings in rating changes much less drastic (this will also help with large losses of rating) 
PvP Tier 2 (1800) gear sets will be made available for rated battlegrounds

The weekly bug-fix patch

What they wanted to fix

What they didnt


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Re: Big news day (Wildstar Wednesday returns?)
« Reply #1 on: Aug 27, 2014, 11:22 AM »
Even more...

Itemization revamp

Hey guys, this weeks Nexus Report featured Evan Graziano, he has been at Carbine for roughly 4 months and is going to be making some HUGE and AWESOME changes!
Here's the breakdown...
First off, Frost got a "Stern wag of the finger" for his tweet on servers... So, I think he deserves a little THANK YOU! Since he must have been told not to say anything originally by some suits.
Evan Graziano is working towards a "More solid progression" for gear, he want's the gear progression to be as follows... Adventures < Dungeons < Raids
Raids, Veteran Adventure's, and Veteran Dungeons are all getting an itemization revamp... They could POSSIBLY have smaller loot tables, but have better gear with newer and better stats geared towards specific classes.
Class drops are now going to have GUARANTEED OMNI-SLOTS!, and are going to be "More potent, what players are striving for"
Possible Token system for Raid gear - "Cloth Gloves" type, so Esper DPS / Healer and Spellslingers can roll.
Restating gear across all Veterans and Raids.
Amp / Abilities changes going with "Next patch" (Probably means The Defile.)
PVP Itemization changes "Next patch". THIS WEEK!
Raid Bosses will drop more loot, Mini-Bosses will probably stay the same.
Current equipped gear will stay the same, but there will be all brand new loot that will most likely be better.
The Defile gear will have stronger gear that is geared towards getting players into veteran dungeons and raids.
Special Raid drop mounts? "We will see"
"Expect more really cool cosmetic items to come, and not just in raids."
Changes for Dying items are being "looked into, but are a ways away".
Salvaging changes coming soon "More viable for obtaining Fragments... And, MAYBE MORE than fragments"
Item levels are going to be shown to player to show potency of the gear.
Elder Gem gear will be reworked and some will be put into set tiers...
Tier 2 - Veteran Dungeon,
Tier 4 - Mid Genetic Archives,
Tier 6 - Mid Data scape... These will be full sets of gear used to fill gaps, and classes with lack of viable options.
Evan's main goal is getting the gear working for a more solid stable progression system... Crafting / Adventure gear > Veteran Dungeons Gear > 20 man Raid Gear > 40 man raid gear.
From what I heard, Evan and the team will be kicking some ass... As he said, he has been there 4 months, and that means he wasn't around pre-launch (for long). If you get a chance, I suggest you watch the show and hear what he has to say... Dude sounds like he has some great ideas in the works!


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Re: Big news day (Wildstar Wednesday returns?)
« Reply #2 on: Aug 27, 2014, 01:29 PM »
ya time to get all new gear all over and over !


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Re: Big news day (Wildstar Wednesday returns?)
« Reply #3 on: Aug 27, 2014, 02:29 PM »
Honestly.... It has to be done tho...


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Re: Big news day (Wildstar Wednesday returns?)
« Reply #4 on: Aug 27, 2014, 02:59 PM »
Honestly.... It has to be done tho...

Absolutely, this is phenomenal news.  I just hope they implement it correctly.  gear (and player power) needs a clear and noticeable scaling between tiers.  people shouldn't be running dungeons to get attuned or for Amps, they should be running them for gear to help them actually get into raids.  skill should help you maybe skip a step, but the lack of clearly defined gear tiers and poor itemization is letting people skip the progression entirely which just shits all over the end game.  I'm kind of disappointed that they are going to more drops per boss and loot patterns, but i know the majority wont be so, meh.


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Re: Big news day (Wildstar Wednesday returns?)
« Reply #5 on: Aug 27, 2014, 03:32 PM »
Couldn't have said it better myself.


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