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Author Topic: AP changes coming soon  (Read 1581 times)


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AP changes coming soon
« on: Aug 29, 2014, 01:50 PM »
This was posted in the stalker forums:

Posted Today, 09:11 AM

Next Developer Post »
Stalker Post
Hey Stalkers, I wanted to take a minute to give a heads up of what changes you can expect in the next major patch.
We are addressing some quality of life issues as well as some balance for AoE DPS, here are some more specific examples:
·         Neutralize and Ruin will be receiving a buff to their damage. Additionally, Neutralize will stack fewer times and has had its tier 4 and tier 8 slightly reworked to increase its damage output.
·         Bloodthirst has been reworked to give an outgoing damage buff at the base tier in addition to its Lifesteal. Additionally the Tier 4 and 8 have been reworked.
·         Stim Drone has been reworked to have a CC Break at base.
·         With the upcoming changes to Assault and Support Power being adjusted to match other classes Brutality Mastery was performing far better than intended and has been adjusted to compensate for that change.
·         The cooldown on Stealth is will reset when the Stalker dies.
Beyond the adjustments listed above, we will be focusing on the Tank spec for a more distant patch. A few things we are investigating:
·         Improve Support style AMP selections.
·         Improve the effectiveness of minimally used Abilities and Ability Tiers.
·         General look at Threat gained per damage dealt.
General Balance Update Note
Due to the fact that the DPS Stance damage increases were causing some imbalances within combat, we have normalized Assault Power across all classes and Support Power across all Tanks with the following changes:
·         Weapons have been normalized across all Classes
o   For example, equal Heavy Guns and Pistols will now grant the same amount of Assault and Support Power
·         Assault Power gained via Primary Attributes and Milestones has been normalized across all Classes
o   A classes Primary DPS stat now always grants 0.61 points of Assault Power
o   Assault Power Milestones will now always grant 24.4 points of Assault Power
·         Support Power gained via Primary Attributes and Milestones has been normalized across all Tanks
o   A classes Primary Support stat now always grants 0.61 points of Support Power (Tanks Only)
o   Support Power Milestones will now always grant 24.4 points of Support Power (Tanks Only)
·         All DPS stance damage increases have been removed
o   Tank stances now have damage dealt penalties

Edited by Asyreal, Today, 09:20 AM.

Looks like the AP changes are not months away and it sounds like they added it to drop 3 and its coming on PTR. You can ignore the stalker specific things i know you guys dont love us. But every class has an august update, I am guessing for the big changes to them for drop 3 so check them out.
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Re: AP changes coming soon
« Reply #1 on: Aug 29, 2014, 02:10 PM »
Yeah I read the Stalker and Engi forum post about the up coming changes. It sounds like Stalkers are getting buffed quite a bit with the AP boost but yet engis are getting nurfed... They are nurfing the volatility we gain by rolling to keep up BC. They are trying to make us use target acquisition which if you have ever seen the telegraph for that ability... it is literally the smallest telegraph in the game in which you have to hit every missile in the 3 second channel in order to do the proper damage... They say they are improving mortar strike better but they never said it gives us raid utility sooooooooooo GG engies...

Drop 3 is going to be chaos with all of these changes.. Major class changes, huge itemization changes, and complete overhaul of runes... Better hold on lol 


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Re: AP changes coming soon
« Reply #2 on: Aug 29, 2014, 06:54 PM »
They nerfing us hardcore actually, we are losing our brutality master. They taking it from 30% to something much much lower.


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