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Author Topic: Live and let Tank  (Read 2024 times)

Alastiir Shelthar

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Live and let Tank
« on: Jul 04, 2014, 04:25 PM »
Seeing as there was some demand regarding Warrior Tank builds, and general explanations, here is a short guide summarizing a few different builds you will be using for different situations, to bring utility to your group, whilst focusing on damage mitigation and maintaining a decent amount of threat generation.

Pros and Cons of Warrior Tank

Pros : - A highly damage resistant tank with excellent mitigation
 - a great "oh shit" innate to survive catastrophic situations
 - A motherfucking super-amazing powersword
 - great CC (4 interrupts in my builds)
 - great group utility (shield regen/damage mitigation)

Cons : - Little to no deflect chance
 - Weakest threat generation of all tanks, very spiky
 - Worst kiting tank, has a hard time moving targets without losing threat

AMP list

This is the general list of AMPs I recommend using for all of your builds. Unless you specifically want to build another action set for extra utility or whatnot, this is a build which concentrates on the highest possible mitigation whilst maintaining decent threat mitigation. There is an extra AMP point there from elder gems in this build, as it is mine, simply remove it from the 5% cooldown reduction branch.

Most of these AMP's are self explanatory. If there are any specific questions regarding AMPs I chose, why, and why not certain other ones, feel free to bring them up.

Your Innate

First things first regarding skills, let's discuss the Warrior Tank Innate. No need to go over the passive, I'm talking uses for the active. Bulwark is important for 2 things : the damage reduction, and the extra threat generation. Whilst it is a wonderful "oh shit" button to keep during most boss fights, the most common error Warriors do is forget to use it early on.
Your innate should always be your opener whenever it's available. Pulling a trash pack? Use it right at the start. Pulling a boss? Unless he specifically has a cast you will need it for within the next 60 seconds, pop that motherfucker right as soon as you get in. The reason is simple, you'll generate threat much faster, allowing your dps to go all out faster as well. More DPS earlier on means a quicker fight, less mechanics to deal with, and generally everything going much smoother for everyone. Plus, placing yourself ahead in threat lists allows you for a safe use of Plasma Wall (see the builds next), which itself does not generate much threat, but provides great damage reduction utility.

Certain specific fights will require you to save it for specific moments, and that's fine, but warn your dps that your threat generation will be slightly slower at the start. Once you used your burst threat generation at the beginning

The Base Build

This will be your general build that you will be using on nearly all Base Pop of any dungeon, and most Boss fights. 4 interrupt armor break, remember to always use grapple and kick together as a combo to ensure that they both have their cooldowns running.

Use Plasma Blasts long range for grabbing packs and pats at a distance, and to keep them on you if one of your DPS pulls threat at some point. Your Atomic Surge is to ensure you can bring yourself back up to top threat if for any reason you had to kite/move the mobs or anything else which gave the DPS free reign to surpass your threat advantage. T8 Menacing Strikes for extra threat generation and very strong auto-healing (with my gear heals 1133 hp).

Use Bolstering Strike at every single cooldown end, about 3.6 seconds with the 10% CD reduction. Plasma Wall has to be used when you have a fair amount of threat advantage as the low damage generates very little threat. Feel free to save it for high damage moments. Finally Defense Grid is to be used freely on trash, and on bosses make sure to use it intelligently, but don't be worried about using it on your allies. It is most importantly a mitigation skill for yourself.

[PLACEHOLDER FOR MORE] will continue to expand builds tonight, busy atm
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Re: Live and let Tank
« Reply #1 on: Aug 08, 2014, 12:45 AM »
What rune sets do you go for as warrior tank?  I need to rerune my tanking gear since they're starting to finally fix it.  I used to tank and want to tank from the beginning etc.  Thanks.

Alastiir Shelthar

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Re: Live and let Tank
« Reply #2 on: Aug 08, 2014, 06:18 AM »
I kinda let go of this thread until they actually fix warrior tanking. It's great for adventures/dungeons but still not viable for MTing raid encounters (except council fights since OTing certain council members with really high mitigation works out quite well to relieve stress on healers). I'll put up some stuff on rune sets and raid builds later today if you want. Basically though it's preservation/shield specialist/the armor one


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Re: Live and let Tank
« Reply #3 on: Aug 08, 2014, 07:46 AM »
Basically I'm not worried about tanking until they fix it.  The band-aid was nice the other day though.  I just want to have my runes in line for when they do actually fix stuff.  Mainly being able to tank a dungeon and such is what i'm looking to be able to do.  I am starting to enjoy DPSing much more than tanking anyway ^^.  Probably not looking to tank unless we are in need of it in raid because of DC/etc.  Thanks!


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