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Author Topic: Patch 1.6 PvP Vanguard Tanking Guide  (Read 1438 times)


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Patch 1.6 PvP Vanguard Tanking Guide
« on: Jan 01, 2013, 03:09 PM »
This Guide was made by me (Vandana, 50 Vanguard Tank of Jedi Covenant server). I don't mind this being copied and pasted on other places for people to view but give credit where credit is due.

Vanguard Tanks in PvP are the WORST out of the 3 tank classes currently available(will elaborate later) but this guide is to help you maximize the effectiveness of your Vanguard Tank in pvp. I am making this guide because I notice many Vanguard Tanks in pvp itemize themselves terribly and are overall just really bad players. (not being cocky, I just call it as I see it) The First thing that needs to be addressed is spec.

This guide is not gonna highlight various builds because I don't experiment much with them. I feel this build is good for survivability as well as utility.

Ability to stop caps from 30 Meter Range constantly (Hammer Shot)
Smoke Grenade (explained later)
Ability to Pull Enemies

Shield Reliant Tanks
Few Cooldowns
No Unremitting (we can be knocked back right after we leap to somebody)
No Guardian Leap
High Resolve Cost for stuns

Spec, There are a couple of things I'd like to note about this spec. I get Smoke Grenade because it adds to the limited Utility of a Vanguard tank. I don't put two points into Static Shield because Ammo Regen is really awful for vanguard tanks, I often find myself out of ammo in pvp. I don't get the lesser cooldown on Cryo Grenade which is mainly because that stun costs so much resolve and my team tends to white bar the enemies anyway lol. I don't get Energy Blast because it only returns 1 ammo back on use with a 15 sec cooldown. You can argue that the ability is good for dps but understand that you will either lose 1% endurance or  1% damage reduction for it. I also put two points Tactical Tools to have lower CD Pulse cannon and 10 seconds less cooldown on Harpoon.

I don't have any other specs because I feel that this one is the BEST you can go for pvp, and all other ones require sacrifice of utility/survivability which I just don't agree with.


Ion Cell - This is equivalent to our tank stance. No other cell needs to be used as a tank in pvp and there is no reason to ever change between the different cells.

Hammer Shot - basic shot which procs Ion Overload a lot which gives a 2 second 50% slow to whomever is effected by it. I like to spam hammer shot when someone is trying to run away from the dps on my team or just trying to run to a node that my team is about to capture. The slow does wonders to help the team, no matter how minute it may seem.

Ion Pulse - Good ability to help out with dps and puts a 5% damage done debuff on whomever you attack with it. (as long as you speced into that)

Explosive Surge - This is an ability that you should use mainly for keeping people from capping nodes or giving the 5% damage done debuff to a group of enemies. The warzones where this is most effective is Novare Coast and Ancient Hypergate. Only other time you should use this is when you get two free ones after you storm.

Storm - Our Charge ability which would be dumb not to get as a tank.

Harpoon - This is an excellent ability for Vanguards especially if you spec into the 3 second root talent within the tank tree. This can be used for pulling people into fires in Huttball, peeling enemies off of your healers, or pulling those noobs who try to run away when they're about to die.  Just don't be that idiot who uses this ability to steal a killing blow from your teammate or pulls after one of your dps teammates leap on somebody.

Pulse Cannon - I like to use this ability when the enemy team groups up on my healer, the damage on it is pretty good even for a tank. Even though you're not looking to do damage, people have an instinct to run away from AoE so this does help your healer a lot. This ability is also awesome for keeping people off of the door in Voidstar.

Motor Volley - Use this when you see people group up to get the max effectiveness of it. Also good for keeping people off of the door in Voidstar.

Neural Jolt/Sonic Round - These are your taunt abilities which should basically be used off of cool down in a combat situation. As a tank you need to keep track of the enemy team. Always taunt people who're on your healers by default, then as you get familiar with GOOD players on the enemy team then you learn who to taunt. If the enemy team groups up close always use Sonic Round for some serious Protection Numbers!

Guard - As a tank see yourself as an extension of your teams health bar. You should guard healers by default but you NEED to be able to swap guards to DPS if needed. If you don't switch guards in combat as a tank then this role is not for you because you're useless.

High Impact Bolt - This ability is nice because it helps with dps as well as is spreads your tank Ion Overload dot around to the enemies around the person you use it on. It is also nice because it does not break CC like other dots are capable of.

Riot Strike - Interrupt just use it on healers or those annoying Grav/Tracer missile spammers. Nuff said!

Cryo Grenade - Stun that costs SOO MUCH RESOLVE. Be mindful when you use this, the only situations I use this is when somebody is getting ready to interrupt my teammate who is capping a node/door.

Neural Surge - As I say about all stuns, be mindful when you use it. I mainly use this when a healer is close to dying (prevents them from using instant heals to keep themselves up or WZ Medpac) or to aoe stun a group of people headed towards my teammate capping a node. (i.e. Voidstar)

Reactive Shield - Our only real Cool down which is really powerful. This is NOT a cool down you want to pop right when you're about to die. You want to use this when you know you're about to take a lot of damage. This CD is awesome if used properly. Also this is the one cool down that actually lowers damage you take from someone you're guarding.

Adrenaline Rush - Really bad cool down but it helps more with the more HP you have of course. It is there so might as well use it is my belief. I tend to pop this when I get to 50% HP so it can help out while I get assistance from my healers.

Battle Focus - This ability is good in a way of helping you assist with dps. If you're in a situation where you're alone guarding a node this ability comes in handy to help you take enemies down while your teammates are on their way to help out.

Recharge Cells - Usefulness of this ability is obvious.

Stealth Scan - Utility, really useful for catching those pesky stealthers obviously. It also roots them for 3 seconds if you spec into it. I use it a lot when guarding a node because it keeps those who may try to get to you on alert. I also use this in Voidstar to catch those people who like to stealth out of their spawn point. the Root is really clutch in some situations.


All Information here is elaborated on better by this thread! (

Endurance - By far the best stat for pvp tanking because when you guard somebody the damage you take from them is not negated by expertise. So the more health, the more useful you're as a pvp tank... Bottom line.

Defense - As I always say it is better to not take damage than it is to take it and shield it. Yes I do understand that as a Vanguard you don't get much Defense Chance per Defense Rating. (I.E I have 696 Defense Rating which comes out to a total of 22.28% Defense Chance [including 5% base defense you get])

Shield - Shield is the worst stat for pvp because most of the people you face mainly use Tech/Force Attacks which aren't negated by shield. But as a Vanguard you get a lot of shield from talents and it helps with ammo gain.

Absorbtion - Do not ever have absorption rating on your gear because it only works with shield which negates minimal damage in pvp. The only thing I use that gives absorbtion is the Dread Guard Relic of Shield Amplification. I use the relic mainly for the Endurance but the absorption proc is a perk which I feel is nice.

Expertise - as a Tank minimum expertise you should have for pvp is 1040. I personally have 1151 Expertise on my Vanguard tank because the tank I know that uses 1040 Expertise is a guardian that has 10% more Defense Chance than I do. I got the extra expertise to reduce more damage. Bottom line is there is no specific number of expertise that is recommended. You can leave it to personal choice. Only thing I can tell you is I strongly recommend you don't go below 1040 or above 1200 because the more expertise you have the less endurance you have.

Set Bonuses

PvP Supercommando (2) Reduces CD of Energy Blase and Storm, (4) 5% more damage done when guarding - Useless, yes having less CD is nice but 1.5 seconds does next to nothing for you and also I don't grab Energy Blast so the set bonus is crap.

Now what I personally use is
2 Piece PvE Supercommando - Increases the Duration of Oil Slick or Smoke Grenade by 2 Seconds and the duration of Energy Shield or Reactive Shield by 3 seconds.

2 Piece PvP Combatmedic - Increases Duration of Reactive Shield by 3 seconds.

Yes they do stack meaning when I pop Reactive Shield on my Vanguard it lasts 18 Seconds. That is amazing for survivability especially if you're all alone trying to hold 3-4 people from taking a node you will see the beauty in this. Also the increased duration of Smoke Grenade makes the 20% accuracy debuff last for 20 Seconds. Most healers don't cleanse this off of people because it is not a DoT. But with the little accuracy pvp dps generally use this really screws your enemies over.


This isn't much of a rotation but this is more of a what do you do section. As a reminder you're a tank so don't go around tunneling the enemies your dps is helpful but you're not gonna kill anybody alone.

Here are some things you need to be mindful of.

Use Ion pulse to stack up your Power Screen talent to 4 and try to keep it up while managing energy. Easier said than done because I find that buff falling off a lot XD.

Keep one eye on your Ops Frames and try to prioritize guarding the healers if they're in trouble and guard DPS only if your healers are fine. 

Keep those taunts handy, if you're in a team fight the single taunt should be used off CD and save the AOE taunt for when your enemies begin to bunch up. (remember to try to taunt only the people who're not attacking you directly for obvious reasons)

Harpoon and Storm should mainly be used to protect healers or objectives. Shouldn't be something you do just to do.

Keep Explosive surge handy, it puts the 5% damage done debuff on anybody it hits so use once if the enemies clump up to put the debuff on all of them. It does cost 3 ammo so be conservative with this ability unless it is free after using Storm. Just keep in mind that this ability does break CC so be careful.

Use Smoke Grenade mainly on Marauders and Snipers since a good amount of their damage tends to be white damage. I feel the accuracy debuff hurts those classes the most.

As for straight dps rotation I mainly prioritize

Stockstrike > High Impact Bolt > Ion Pulse > Hammer Shot (use this in between abilities in order to help you maintain Ammo)

not really much to it just managing energy is important.

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