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Author Topic: My Vanguard's DPS Assault build  (Read 2710 times)


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My Vanguard's DPS Assault build
« on: Jun 17, 2012, 09:46 AM »
Here is my build for my VG DPS. Totally Glass Cannon.

I have fine-tuned this build over and over until now, and here's 5 reasons why this build is unbeatable against other builds.

1- Shield Specialist: Intimidation (+4% damage to Elemental Attacks)
This is so under rated in the fact that most people would rather choose the Frontline Offence in the Tactis tree for 6% Ion Pulse damage. This 4% elemental is 2% less then Ion Pulse but losing 4% on just Ion Pulse for a 4% damage on all burns & Ion Pulse itself is a much better trade-off.

2- Tactics: Demolition & Blaster Augs (6% elemental crit + 3% tech crit)
These two skills combined give all my burns (and Ion Pulse) a total of 9% chance to crit. Elemental attacks are Tech based attacks. I think Civic has 40% Tech base crit, with 46% elemental crit.. massive numbers are pulled from these talents

3- Assault Specialist: Ionized Ignition (gives Ion Pulse a 100% chance to trigger plasma cell tick and refresh is duration)
This skill alone is the bare essential to most of my DPS. I spam Ion Pulse like mad, and each time I hit my Ion Pulse for a 1k hit, this bad-boy talent is also adding on 700-1200 damage on top from a Plasma Cell re-apply.
If you time it correctly, your plasma cell ticks every 2 seconds so if you hit one of these off right after a tick the target is gonna take two ticks. This also re-applies its duration to the full 6-seconds.

4- Assault Specialist: Sweldering Heat (gives a 50% movement debuff when plasma cell is applied
This is essential for when you are facing Melee Jedi and Operatives.. this beauty lets you kite them. Since Ion Pulse applies Plasma Cell now (as mentioned just above) this gives you the kiting ability on top.
Nightvision Scope also helps with Operatives as you can see them cloaked unless they have their 6second uncloak ability active.

5- Assault Specialist: Adrenaline Fueled (crits have 100% chance to reduce cooldown of Adrenaline rush AND Reserve Powercells by6 seconds, every 1.5 seconds)
This skill is also very important. I am very good at keeping my ammo at optimum all because of this skill.
I have a rule that I ONLY use Incendiary Round IF I have Reserve Powercells active (or Recharge Cells) since it costs way too much ammo especially when it helps with your burst damage.


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Re: My Vanguard's DPS Assault build
« Reply #2 on: Jun 17, 2012, 09:03 PM »
My Vanguard build.

Very similar build except for two main talents.. but in my opinion you definitely need Assault Plastique man, it helps SO much with burst damage for 1v1 and killing healers quickly.
Assault Plastique is a 4k hit, my opening rotation is:

Reserve Powercells + Incendiary round (free 2k DOT)
Assault Plastique (0 damage)
High Impact Bolt (3.8-4.3k hit)
Ion Pulse (1.2k hit with 1k DOT = 2.2k)
*Assault Plastique will blow now (3.5-4k hit)
Ion Pulse/High Impact Bolt depending if the first Ion Pulse proc'd or not (2.2/4.3k hit)

Thats pretty much an enemy dead :p

And then while everything is on CD for the next kill i'll spam Ion Pulse like there is no tomorrow, and throw in the odd StockStrike if I have the ammo for it and i'm in melee range.
I tend not to use StockStrike as I like to be in the habbit of being at 10m for Ion Pulse as this keeps me in the right mind for kiting melee.


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