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Author Topic: SpellSlinger DPS Thread  (Read 6211 times)


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SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« on: Jun 26, 2014, 12:06 PM »
I was QD8, TS8, FB, RF5, AS.  The problem with this rotation that it's too complex and that the telegraph for TS8 is just so narrow.  QD -> ss t8 -> qd -> ss RF...repeat.  I was throwing in assassinate as needed too.  Another problem with this TS8 build is that you only get 3 other utilities, which really hurts our survivibility.

This build seems to be getting me closer to 4k, even with my sub-par'ish gear.  This is from Spythe, the guy knows his shit.  The nice part is too that it leaves 4 other spots open for other stuff and the rotation is mind numbling boring.  When we get more ability points, i'm sure CS8 and TS8 will be a #1 damage build like Spythe suggests.

IMO the only options right now are double ignite and this CS build.  Go with double ignite if  you don't have TF.  For trash and stuff you and get rid of upgrade assassinate and pump it into RF.  Assassinate should be used on boss fights.

I would suggest reading much of the thread though, it's great stuff.

Now I personally thing this is the best SS atm for damage and utility, really shines once you get TF
Quick amp, Gunslinger seems bugged atm and fairly worthless with this spec since it doesn't seem like FB and Assassinates(this one makes sense) are not consider as CD. With AM it may be worth grabbing but 6 amp points for 2.5 crit isn't worth it. No Withering Magic because once again only 1 SS needs it and whoever is running AM should probably grab WM as well. You have 2 extra amp points you can toss anywhere, Armor Pen, Dash Token Recovery, and Increase Shield cap are all worth it. Armor pen being the most worthless.
Quick break down, T8 QD should be clear, T8 CS, should be clear, now T5 Assassinate over AM or FB? Only 1 SS needs to run AM but you can toss in AM since you have 2 free slots to do whatever you want. If you're in a 5man grabbing AM isn't a bad idea. You can also grab T5 Flame Burst for more AoE damage but the T4 may still be bugged. OR you can split the points and kinda have a mix build. The T4 Assassinate is really good for spell surge Assassinates during MoO phases.
You have 2 free slots that I normally put Rune of Protection and Astral Infusion or Arcane Shock depending on the boss fight. Remember we wear light armor and once you get use to a boss encounter you can kind of predict when the damage is coming and Astral Infusion can cover for fucks ups, also can use both on other raid members.
Void Slip love it? hate it? It should be on your bar no matter what as DPS. Its great for threat pulls, its your CC break, and it just damn cool. I know it can be annoying but use it proactively instead of reactive should make it a lot more enjoyable. Check out my Phagetech Prototype kills for an example
Rotation so far is actually really simple, remember simple = better. The rotation for Ignite is also really simple once you get it down but the spec is still lackluster to me.
Opening = QD > ss CS > x4/5 QD(for me it takes exactly 4 and I hit it right as the CD finishes, just had a few guild SS test it and it looks like may be my ability queing) > ss CS > repeat. Yup it is really that simple, you want to use QD as much as possible to lower the CD of CS which takes 4 QDs and you should be hitting the CS keybind right as the CD finishes(it normally says .5sec left). Of course you can toss in Assassinates at anytime but the best is right after a CS which you can dump your spell surge with if you want. I suggest it during short MoO phases, but on long MoO phases you want to get 2 ss CS off. I personally don't think casting a normally Assassinate above 30% is worth it but I think it depends on your gear/amp set. I know for a fact a non tiered Assassinate isn't worth casting above 30% and no surged. QD hits 3 times in a sec v Assassinate which is twice in a sec. 3 hits = more chances of crit, procs, and the CD reduction.
Before any says what about Power Surge, you get the buff when you CONSUME a spell surge and CS CONSUMES the spell surge once you go pass the C1, so  it will always have the power surge buff up. I need to do more testing for other abilities but I know it's 100% for a spell surged CS
I suggest only dumping extra spell surge during the MoO phases or if you're trying to burn something down, think of dumping spell surge as using your class CD which all classes do during MoO phases and we have to follow suit.... of course this means if there is an actually MoO during the encounter. When the spec is played right you really can only ss 1 CS everything its off GCD. Once you dump the ss and I'm hovering at one unless there is a lot of movement I rarely ever hit 2/50 spell surge. NEVER SIT AT 4 SPELL SURGE unless you know a MoO phase is coming up within seconds or you're wasting your passing resource regen.
Your galaxy phases should have CS and QD neck and neck(may be different on dummies). In raids depending on crits and how much CS you get off during MoO phases CS is sometimes in front of QD. You probably won't see this on a target dummy since you don't have the haunt AND AM debuff and WM amp(unless you're running it)
There are multiply SS builds that do good damage, I just really like this one because of the extra ability slots you gain that you can toss in different abilities for each boss/situation. I've tried a just WB as my consumer and did solid damage. Just RF as the consumer and done  good damage. Ignite/RF done good damage. Like the amount of specs a SS has is pretty insane even more so when you get Ability points.
2 things to note if you're using RF and TS you have a bit more freedom with spell power over the above spec.
And once you get full ability points the
T8 QD, T8 TS, T8 Rapid will be deadly for AoE and maybe ST damage. T8 Rapid Fire works really really well with TS.
For AoE/trash damage
T8 QD, T8 TS, and highest T Rapid Fire.
You can also try
T8 QD, T7 RF, and highest Tier Ignite. with more ability points you can get T8 Ignite but just using 1 Ignite and keeping the debuff still makes it worth it. I think a T8 QD, T7 RF, T8 Ignite, and highest Tier FB or Assassinate may be something serious. But that won't be a option til people get more ability points.


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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #1 on: Jun 27, 2014, 09:46 AM »
Did more testing with this simple build last night....i was getting 20k crits.  MoO i got a 28k crit.  That just doesn't seem fair to me.  lol.

So boring though..QD....SS CS...x4 QD...repeat.  Assassinate is only worth it MoO or sub 30%.

1 SS should spec into withering magic for the raid, but once AM is fixed and once we get a few more ability points through elder gems, our DPS will be right up there with Engineer, stalker and warrior.

TF isn't required for this build as much as they say but it really does help.  I only QD 4 times before CS is ready to go again.


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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #2 on: Jun 28, 2014, 07:57 AM »
Table of Contents
  • Stat Priorities
  • Ability DPS Breakdown/AMP Build(s)
  • Runes

Stat Priorities
This subsection is all incorrect for the time being, when I get some free time I'll update it with fixed values.(I couldn't sleep so I just went ahead and finished what I started) At the bottom of this section I'll paste my updated maths if you want to see it in its rough state.
Assault Power > Finesse > Brutality(Under 6% hit) > Strikethrough(Under 6% hit) > Crit >= Moxie(rank 3) > Moxie(rank 4) > Crit Sev > Brutality (at max strikethrough, which for raids SHOULD be 6% if you have a warrior or esper who have a proper setup.)

Here's some rough math for anyone who wants to see the maths at 2000AP, 20% crit, 200% severity.

Lets use our 2000 base AP QD as our dps marker.
(2050*.2373+275)*3 = 2248.8,    2248.8, the magic number we want.
Base DPS + bonus dps(0% crit w/200% sev)
2248.8 + 2248.8*0*1

Base DPS + bonus DPS (20% crit w/ 200% sev)
2248.8 + 2248.8*.2*1 = 2698.56 dps base.

2248.8 + 2248.8*.2076685*1 = 2715.8 dps   - 50 Crit

2248.8 + 2248.8*.2*1.0097 = 2702.92 dps   -  50 Crit Sev

2248.8 + 2248.8*.20383425*1.00486225 = 2709.41 dps   - 50 Moxie (Milestone rank 3)

2248.8 + 2248.8*.2*1.00486225 = 2700.75 dps   - 50 Brutality(Milestone rank 3) - Assumes raid capped hit.
--QD dps adjusted for the 50 Finesse--
2280.83 + 2280.83*.2*1 = 2737 dps   - 50 Finesse (Milestones rank 4)-ish
--QD dps adjusted for the 50 AP--
2284.39 + 2284.39*.2*1 = 2741.27 dps   -50 Assault Power

Here is a link to a fairly accurate spreadsheet for Spellslinger stats should you want give it a look:
This spread sheet is (at least partially) incorrect. I think I'll remove it here shortly...
End Incorrectness
Enter Correctness

----------------- ITEM COMPARISON STUFFS ------------------
Per Rating: <(Including Milestones for current ranks)>      MY values after doing my OWN math from my gear.
Initial incorrect values                                                                         My new corrected values
Finesse: 0.842 AP                <(Rank 5)>                                       0.842 AP per point of Finesse (w/Milestones)
Moxie(crit): 0.012138%      <(Rank 3)>            M(c)                    0.0076685% crit per point of Mox (no Milestones) >> 0.01150275% crit per point of Mox (w/Milestones)
Moxie(sev): 0.016106%      <(Rank 3)>            M(s)                    0.0097245% Sev per point of Mox (no Milestones) >> 0.01134525% Sev per point of Mox (w/Milestones)
Brut(ST): 0.0133886%        <(Rank 3)>            B(ST)                   0.0038575% ST per point of Brut (no Milestones) >> 0.0045% ST per point of Brut (w/Milestones)
Brut(sev): 0.016106%        <(Rank 3)>            B(s)                      0.0097245% Sev per point of Brut (no Milestones) >> 0.01134525% Sev per point of Brut (w/Milestones)
Strikethru: 0.0266%   -       ST   -       ST   -        ST   -       ST       0.007715% per point of ST
Critical Hit: 0.0238% -      c   -        c    -         c   -        c               0.015337% per point of Crit
Critical Sev: 0.032%-         s   -        s   -         s   -        s               0.019449% per point of Crit Sev
Assault Power: 1               1 AP per point of AP (go figure, amirite?)

Here are the ability breakdowns for dps

Numbers at a glance

Assault Power = 2000
All spells assumed T8 unless otherwise mentioned.
Quick Draw - - - = 2248.8  dps
Charged Shot  - = 6535.29 dps
Ignite - - - - - - - - = 9771.9  dps
Wild Barrage - - = 3428.69 dps
Chill - - - - - - - - - = N/A
Rapid Fire  - - - - = 3902.1  dps
Flame Burst - - - = N/A (Still pick this up, it's off the Global Cooldown(GCD))
Assassinate - - - = N/A (Best T4 option if going for all-out dmg, especially strong during MoO or TargetHP<30%)
True Shot - - - - - = 6241.84 dps (This is the arp calculated dps)
Arcane Missles - = 4532.5  dps


Assumed: QD, CS and Ig are T8.
*Note: This is not including crits, just the flat numbers, and no amount of armor or magic shred.

Assault Power: 2000
CS:  (2000*2.0902+2989)+(2000*.99) = 9149.4     (/1.4 = 6535.29 dps)
Ig:   (2000*.1025+123.5)*6+(2000*.4806+609)+(2000*.1553+264.5)*6+(2000*.7398+1300.5) = 9771.9
QD: (2000*.2373+275)*3 = 2248.8

Assault Power: 3000
CS:  (3000*2.0902+2989)+(3000*.99) = 12,229.6    (/1.4 = 8735.43 dps)
Ig:   (3000*.1025+123.5)*6+(3000*.4806+609)+(3000*.1553+264.5)*6+(3000*.7398+1300.5) = 12539.1
QD:  (3000*.2373+275)*3 = 2960.7

Assault Power: 4000
CS:  (4000*2.0902+2989)+(4000*.99) = 15,309.8    (/1.4 = 10935.57 dps)
Ig:   (4000*.1025+123.5)*6+(4000*.4806+609)+(4000*.1553+264.5)*6+(4000*.7398+1300.5) = 15,306.3
QD:  (4000*.2373+275)*3 = 3672.6

CS/Ig breakeven (with QD T8 up) = ~3635 Assault Power
CS/Ig breakeven (with QD T8 up & Power Surge) = ~3345 Assault Power (this is with CS having Power Surge while Ig does not, so the number would be higher, around 3500)

Now that we've got those numbers, we also need to consider the fact that CS has a 1.4sec cast time while both ignites take only 1 second... So for the 1 second it would take to cast both ignite spells to deal 10,264 damage, the CS would only 'deal' about 7024 damage (if my maths are right).  ((10,264 vs 7024))

But lets go at a bit different direction for a moment...
In the time it takes to finish CS, lets add 1 shot from the QD you'd be able shoot off at 791 plus the 10,264 Ig dmg to get 11,055 total damage in that 1.4 seconds.  ((11,055 vs 9688))


So, from what I can tell, at our current gear level with 2 T8 abilities and 1 T4 ability, Quick Draw and Ignite are the better options for the 2 T8 abilities, with Assassinate as the preferred T4 ability. I will say while the Ignite is the stronger choice, it is a more difficult rotation to maintain 100% up-time, keeping track of the DoTs compared to just the cooldown of Charged Shot, perhaps making Charged Shot an easier, slightly more reliable option while only losing out on about 1500 damage over 6 seconds(That is assuming your CS doesn't get deflected, as that would be a much bigger detriment to the rotation than the ignite you could cast very shortly after). While that may not seem like much, that's 15,000 damage lost a minute, and if all the dps in raid (lets assume 15 for this example) did 15k less damage, that's 225k less damage per minute, or over a million damage lost in just over 4 minutes. Maybe that's not a lot, and I'm being nitpicky, but I know that the first boss in the Genetic Archives is a dps race and I'd hate to lose by less than a million knowing I could do better.

-----------------------More Numbers For All---------------------------

~~~All values below here are SS'd unless otherwise noted~~~
3% arp = ~1% more dmg at the best, probably generally less.

Trueshot - *Note* All numbers calculated are without crits or arp included. Just flat numbers. T4 = 50% arp.  **Note2: after doing some reading around, it's looking like 50% arp will net you around 10%-16.67% more damage than the dps given based on how arp works**
My current AP to see how close ws-base is to in-game numbers.
(2429*1.0295+1487.5)*4 = 15952.62- calc   /2.5 (sec total cast time) = 6381 dps   *1.1 (low end arp) = 7019.1 dps
(2429*1.0295+1487.5)*4 = 15956 - in game   /2.5 (sec total cast time)= 6382.4 dps

Varied amounts of AP calculated:     (Damage/Cast = dps)    (possible arp math)
(2000*1.0295+1487.5)*4 = 14186     /2.5 = 5674.4 dps         *1.1 = 6241.84 dps
(3000*1.0295+1487.5)*4 = 18304     /2.5 = 7321.6 dps         *1.1 = 8053.76 dps
(4000*1.0295+1487.5)*4 = 22422     /2.5 = 8968.8 dps         *1.1 = 9865.68 dps

Arcane Missles - *Note* All numbers calculated are without crits or Mshred included. Just flat numbers.  **Note2: after doing some readin around, it's looking like 18% MR redux will only net about a 4%-6% increase on all magic abilities for 12 seconds**
My current AP to see how close ws-base is to in-game numbers.
(2429*.692+1335.5)*3 = 9049.104 - calc   /1.8 = 5027.28 dps
(2429*.692+1335.5)*3 = 9051  -  in-game   /1.8 = 5028.33 dps

Varied amounts of AP calculated:    (Damage/Cast = dps)
(2000*.692+1335.5)*3 = 8158           /1.8 = 4532.5 dps
(3000*.692+1335.5)*3 = 10234.5      /1.8 = 5685.83 dps
(4000*.692+1335.5)*3 = 12310.5      /1.8 = 6839.17 dps

Wild Barrage - *Note* all numbers calculated are without crits or arp included. SS = 100% arp.  **Note2: after doing some reading around, it's looking like the 100% arp will only net around an 18-25% increase in damage for WB**
My current AP to see how close ws-base is to in-game numbers.
(2429*.2367+348.75)*4*2.5 = 9236.943 - calc   /2.5 = 3694.78 dps   ws-base = ~1.0426 off (4.26% off)
(2429*.2367+348.75)*4*2.5 = 9630  -  in-game   /2.5 = 3852 dps

Varied amounts of AP calculated:                (Damage/Cast = dps)
(2000*.2367+348.75)*4*2.5 = 8221.5        /2.5 = 3288.6 (3428.69) dps
(3000*.2367+348.75)*4*2.5 = 10588.5      /2.5 = 4235.4 (4415.83) dps
(4000*.2367+348.75)*4*2.5 = 12955.5      /2.5 = 5182.2 (5402.96) dps

Rapid Fire - *Note* all numbers calcualted are without crits or arp included.
My current AP to see how close ws-base is to in-game numbers.
(2429*.3556+589.5)*3*4 = 17448.03 - calc   /4 = 4362.01 dps  (that's pretty darn close)
(2429*.3556+589.5)*3*4 = 17448 - in-game   /4 = 4362 dps

Varied amounts of AP calcualted:          (Damage/Cast = dps)
(2000*.3556+589.5)*3*4 = 15608.4      /4 = 3902.1 dps
(3000*.3556+589.5)*3*4 = 19875.6      /4 = 4968.9 dps
(4000*.3556+589.5)*3*4 = 24142.8      /4 = 6035.7 dps

Extra Information For Everyone
After doing some reading today (7.8.2014), it turns out one of our T3 Assault AMPs - Gunslinger - is currently not working as intended and will at best give us 5% critical strike for 20 seconds, but with current builds, you're likely only to get 2.5%.(As of early August, they revamped Gunslinger and now works/stacks properly.) With that information in mind and after having been asked to find a suitable raid-friendly build for Spellslingers that includes Void Pact, I've come up with the following build which gives us the best of all worlds (without Trigger Fingers) with the base amount of Ability Points and AMP Power. (As of Aug. 6, 2014, this is still the build I use in raids and works very well)
Below is more of an interrupt build for trash/dungeons/adventures, though it is essentially the same.
*Note* The T4 ability choice is going to be highly variable, especially if we're not needing interrupts and can easily be placed into FB or Assassinate, and eventually when we can get to T8, will be most likely put in Void Pact.


**Note** These are only ranked by their primary/secondary stats and not by set bonuses. This section is not claiming any set bonus to be better than the next.

Attributes: Finesse, Moxie
Class Rune Sets: Focused Surge Rune of (Finesse > Strikethrough) ~This set bonus is hard to keep stacked, probably better options out there~
Elder Rune Sets: N/A
General Rune Sets: N/A

Attributes: Crit Severity = Brutality(preferred if under 6% hit)
Class: Surge Bank Rune of Crit Severity
Elder: Hard Rock Rune of Crit Severity ~I am so disappointed in this set's options~
General: Weapon Specialist Rune of Crit Severity

Attributes: Moxie >  Critical > Brutality(preferred if under 6% hit)
Class: Focused Surge Rune of Critical
Elder: Fusion Blast Rune of (Assault Power > Critical), Magic Firestarter Rune of (Assault Power > Critical)
General: Assassin Rune of (Assault Power > Critical), Weapon Specialist Rune of (Assault Power > Critical), Spelleaver Rune of (Moxie  > Critical)

Attributes: Assault Power > Finesse > Brutality(hit<6%) > Strikethrough(hit<6%) > Moxie > Critical > Crit Severity > Brutality(hit>6%)
Class: N/A
Elder: Fusion Blash Rune of (Assault Power > Critical > Crit Severity)
General: N/A

Attributes: Finesse > Brutality(hit<6%) > Critical > Crit Severity > Brutality(hit>6%)
Class: Surge Bank Rune of (Finesse > Critical)
Elder: Magic Firestarter Rune of (Critical > Crit Severity)
General: Spellweaver Rune of (Critical), Assassin Rune of (Critical > Crit Severity)

Attributes: Strikethrough(hit<6%) > Moxie > Crit > Crit Severity > Strikethrough(hit>6%)
Class: N/A
Elder: N/A
General: Assassin Rune of (Critical > Crit Severity), Weapon Specialist Rune of (Crit Severity > Strikethrough(hit>6%))

Attributes: Finesse > Strikethrough
Class: Surge Bank Rune of (Finesse)
Elder: Magic Firestarter Rune of (Strikethrough)
General: Spellweaver Rune of (Finesse > Strikethrough)
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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #3 on: Jun 28, 2014, 04:05 PM »
Yea that makes sens there Bday.  The only thing that can't be factored in is missing rotation and what not.  Not to mention, sometimes you mess up a rotation due to a void slip or something along those lines.

I don't think we have many SS dps, but my best advice would be to spec like Spythe recommends (the one i posted) and then see what build works best for you. can just switch LAS out too for certain fights if some fights are better than others.


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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #4 on: Jun 28, 2014, 09:29 PM »
Here is a better one for raids/dungeons.  9% Assault power boost for the raid every 28 seconds and SS doesn't lose much DPS at all.  CS, FB, AS.

Solid group utility build for veteran content and possible raids if they need a void pact. You can finally do something with that extra slot to benefit the raid, and with Gunslinger not working as intended you're only missing out on 2.5% crit. And the AP when spell surging from Power Surge. BUT you get a flat AP increase for 10sec every 30sec so it should even out... Assuming Void Pact is effected by Trigger Fingers


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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #5 on: Jun 28, 2014, 10:43 PM »
I agree with the element of mechanics or human error for sure... I feel like CS maybe the safer route to go, but I like to live dangerously ;)

I was actually looking at something similar to that last night(with the utility AMPs)... it probably isn't viable to get right now due to how few AMP points I have, but def. something to be looked into down the road.


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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #6 on: Jun 29, 2014, 08:07 AM »
Once i get done gearing up runes i'm going to spec into void pack for sure.  That's a pretty decent DPS boost for the entire raid.

I suggest watching some of spythe's videos for sure.  I saw an 18 minute STL run video yesterday and learned some pretty good tricks.

And, I agree that you can more than handle the x2 ignite.  You didn't seem to skip a beat in the little than i ran with you, so do what you're comfortable with.  you put up hot numbers.


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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #7 on: Jun 30, 2014, 03:13 PM »
So apparently this is almost exact with x2 ignite build.

quickdraw - CS surge - AS/QD surge - toggle off surge - quickdraw 4/5x (use flameburst whenever it comes up, don't touch AS just yet)

I'm not doing surged as/qds though, but i do suppose that's a good idea.  I also wasn't doing FB's....but i will now.

On a side note, i gotta start working on Tailoring :( if you read in the thread, 4x rune slot gear is some of the best gear in game because you can customize it.  So now i gotta start working on that....with the 0 platinum that i have left.  ugh!


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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #8 on: Jun 30, 2014, 04:21 PM »
Also, important info about Rune slots for Spellslingers.  We want Fire/Fusion, then air/water/life.  Earth/Logic blow.

I gotta start leveling up my tailoring so i can start crafting some pieces and hope for a 4 slot fire/fusion/air/water slot.  mmmm.

Best: Fire/Fusion - AP then whatever rune set you want

Okay: Air/Water/Life - Finesse

:  Earth/Logic - Brut, Strikethough, Crit for Weapon Specialist ion earth. Strikethough on Logic for Weapon Specailist


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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #9 on: Jun 30, 2014, 07:22 PM »
you put up hot numbers.

Ha, love puns :P

Yea, I thought about working on tailoring, and I probably really should... That might be my next item on my to-do list, since I'll finish my rep grind tomorrow.


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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #10 on: Jul 01, 2014, 08:32 AM »
We are gunna see a change in builds soon I think.  If AM missile is actually working with Power Surge now, I think that's going to be worked into the rotation and a respec will have to be done to include Withering Magic.

allllllways changing.


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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #11 on: Jul 08, 2014, 12:45 AM »
More numbers for all! (First post updated)

Raid-friendly build added to the end of the post as well.
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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
« Reply #12 on: Jul 13, 2014, 07:05 AM »
I was noticing myself randomly having trouble keeping both ignites up this morning while testing out some new pants I got, and I think I found out what the scoop is. I think I may have found a slight bug that could possibly be working to our advantage right now (though, if I'm wrong, it's a bit of an obnoxious loss in dps due to ability to not keep both ignites rolling on CD).

Basically, assuming you do ... QD > Ig > SS:Ig > FB > QD ... If after your SS:Ig you can shoot off your FB and QD quick enough, it'll drain your Spell Power, like the QD is casting SS'd. so say for instance you have 30 spell power (25 is the amount required to be able to toggle on SS), the SS:Ig doesn't take the cost of the spell until it's cast, but if you can get the QD off fast enough, you (may) get a SS'd QD for only 5 spell power. Feel free to give it a try and see if you notice what I'm talking about (it works best when you're keeping your spell power at low amounts, otherwise you're just wasting the bonus SS:QD if you've got 2 full runes of spell power (50 spell power).


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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
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Results are in.  It's a signficant boost to our dps.  I did this about 10 times each and the results are overall close.  This is with only my VP build.  It's hard for me to say that the non VP build is much better.  Sometimes it would parse 6k+ and other times it would parse about the same.  So it probably is a LITTLE better, but RNG is a big factor in this.

Seems to be around the neighboorhood of 5.7k for me with assassinate and 4.6'ish without.  This is after only a 70 second parse.  I chose that number because the first 4 tests i did were that method.

It indeed does sneak in a free assassinate or quick draw without much of a down side.

I used my testing by using NO opener.  I just used my regular rotation with no opener.

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Re: SpellSlinger DPS Thread
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Right on :) Glad I'm not the only one who found this to be useful... I'm curious, are you using T4+ Assassinate for your parses? I was only just able to get close to 5.7k on a handful of 4-5 minute parses (no trinket) early this morning. With just 1 point in Assassinate it was sitting at 3rd on most parses for me and I notice it's 2nd on yours with about 300 more dps on that one ability alone.
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