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Author Topic: The Genesis Key (Dominion)  (Read 2969 times)


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The Genesis Key (Dominion)
« on: May 25, 2014, 10:48 AM »
The Enigma Chamber is located at -3463, -1052 in Ilium (building in Northwest around corner from Elder Gem vendor)

Stage 0 - The Genesis Key

You received a call from the head of the Royal Collegium, Chancellor Juro Takigurian asking you to come down to the Enigma Chamber in Illium and speak with Executive Assistant Kunio.

Purchase the Genesis Key - 150 Elder Gems from Elder Gem Vendor.

Stage 1 - The Archon's Pattern

The first primal pattern is being guarded by Guardian Pyralos in Kel Ulgar in Wilderrun. Defeat Guardian Pyralos and collect the primal pattern it holds.

You need to click the fire extinguishers around the Elemental to allow you to damage him. Each Extinguisher will allow you to do a certain amount of damage before he reactivates so you will need to click all of the extinguishers to actually kill him. Don't drop into his pit as you will take constant damage.

The spark bombs do around 4-5k and knockback. He will also 'breathe' on a section of the outer walkway for approx 5k per tick and also create a fire whirlwind that travels around the outer edge for a full circle.

Use an extinguisher when he stops moving. Hit him until he stands up. Move out to the outer edge so you don't get hit by spark bombs. Watch how the circular AoE travels, chase it until it stops, then rinse, repeat.

Stage 2 - Beloved of the Dominion

You obtained the first primal pattern! However, the Royal Collegium will need time to study the pattern and figure out where to look for the next one. In the meantime, Chancellor Juro Takigurian suggested you gain Beloved reputation status with the Dominion.

Stage 3 - The Arkship Heist

The Royal Collegium has located the next primal pattern, but unfortunately it's on the enemy arkship. However, the ICI has managed to gain access to the Gambler's Ruin. Axis Pheydra is waiting by a teleporter in the Enigma Chamber and will give you further instructions once you're on the enemy arkship.

This is a logic puzzle quest. 4 sets of 4 consoles need to be deactivated by turning all of each set off at once.
Sentry bots patrol and respawn fairly fast. If they are attacked or see the player they spawn in guard bots.

After all 4 console sets are deactivated you can use the datacron in the middle of the area. Pick up the Primal Pattern than pops out of it and take the teleporter back to the Enigma Chamber.

Stage 4 - Adventure!

While the Royal Collegium studies the primal pattern you obtained from the Exile arkship, Chancellor Juro Takigurian suggests you further your combat training. Earn a Silver medal or higher on Veteran difficulty in the Northern Wilds, Galeras, Whitevale, and Malgrave adventures.

Stage 5 - Mechsuit Assault

The Royal Collegium located another primal pattern. This time it's in a dangerous location in Farside. However, General Kezrek Warbringer has agreed to assist you in this mission. Travel to Farside and wait for his instructions.

Use builders to charge up EMP to kill generators. Leap and EMP will stun the final boss.

Stage 6 - A Silver Screening

In order to progress re-attunement of the Genesis Key, you must hone your combat skills further. Earn a Silver medal or higher on Veteran difficulty in the Stormtalon's Lair, Ruins of Kel Voreth, Skullcano, and Sanctuary of the Maiden dungeons.

Stage 7 - Slugging it Out

While you were honing your skills in the dungeons of Nexus, Drusera located the next primal pattern for you. Travel to Malgrave and search for Glubglob of the Deep.

Defeat a giant snoglug in Malgrave (just south of Sunstorm Village on an island). 5 man boss.

Stage 8 - Flight of Fancy

Chancellor Juro Takigurian has sent you to Auroria to retrieve the next pattern. Use the Eldan Transformer to transform yourself so you can collect the pieces of the primal pattern.

Auroria near Buzzbing King. Step into transformer to be turned into an air elemental. Fly around gathering the green globes (primal patterns) until you hit 100%. (You don't have to get them all at once.)

Avoid the swirling air vortexes that stun you.

Last primal pattern picked up results in losing the transformation so pick up your last pattern close to the ground.

Stage 9 - From All Corners

In order to advance your quest to re-attune the Genesis Key, you must find and defeat twelve dangerous creatures that roam Nexus. Check your inventory after speaking with General Kezrek Warbringer for the Dangerous Creatures of Nexus list.

Not tracked by achievements so cannot pre-kill bosses for progress on this step.

Acceptable Kill List:
  • Algoroc: Kraggar the Earthrender
  • Celestion: Grendelus the Guardian
  • Ellevar: Hoarding Stemdragon
  • Deradune: Metal Maw
  • Auroria: King Honeygrave
  • Galeras: Doomthorn the Ancient
  • Whitevale: Metal Maw Prime
  • Farside: Defensive Protocol Unit
  • Wilderrun: Zoetic
  • Malgrave (Hellrose Bowl): Pyre Everflame, Makeshift Merfee, Moltan
  • Containment R-12: Subject Y - Titan, Subject H - Goliath, Shattered Leviathan, Disgraced Champion, Infernal Cleric (One per event, 4 hour restart.)
  • Crimson Badlands: Aggregor the Dust Eater
  • Blighthaven: Scorchwing

Stage 10 - Over the Gorge

For the next primal pattern, Drusera is sending you to the ruins of Kel Voreth to kill the Osun witch Kythria. She will only appear in Veteran difficulty of the Ruins of Kel Voreth dungeon. Once you are done, travel to the entrance to the Genetic Archives and speak with The Caretaker.


Genetic Archives (20 person raid) opens.

Stage 11 - Partial to Patterns

In order to complete the last step of re-attunement for the Genesis Key and open the way to the Datascape, you must collect Partial Primal Patterns from Veteran dungeons, Veteran adventures, and the Genetic Archives or purchase them from the Elder Gem vendor located in your faction's capital city.

Stage 12 - Ohmna-Potent

In order to continue with re-attunement of the Genesis Key, you must defeat Dreadphage Ohmna in the Genetic Archives raid.

Stage 13 - The Datascape Opens

It's time to make your way into the Datascape! Make your way to Grimvault and speak with the Caretaker.


Datascape (40 person raid) opens.

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