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Author Topic: Marauder (Anni) - Sentinel (Watchman) Full PvP guide [Sept 2012]  (Read 6135 times)


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Crede's Marauder/Sentinel Full PvP Guide
Everything you need to know about being an Annihilation Marauder or Watchman Sentinel

Alas, I haven't seen many Marauder or Sentinel PvP guides that have covered the classes in depth. This guide will be all about Annihilation spec Marauder and Watchman spec Sentinels in PvP. We will cover the basics, from Talent Tree and Rotation, to a more in-depth look into Min-Maxing gear to provide the best all around performance.

The Spec

Starting off, we need 31 points to get Annihilate or Merciless slash. This spec, is the best IMO for those 31 points. We will note here, that Force charge is a primary Rage/Focus builder, and I spec into both talents here due to both rage generation(to always complete rotation) as well as receiving +10% dmg for 5 seconds every 12 seconds. We will touch up on both of those points in the Rotation section, and Min/Maxing section, respectively.

Marauder First 31 Spec:

Sentinel First 31 Spec:

Now that we have gotten past the first 31 points, the rest are up to you. Personally, I believe that Defensive Roll is an absolute necessity in PvP. So, in order to get Defensive Roll, we will get both Defensive Forms and Dual Wield Mastery (same on both factions)

We now have 3 points left, and once again the choice is yours. The force camo duration and speed increase, Ravage/Master Strike dmg increase, and Cauterize/Rupture slow ability is where you should be looking. I personally put 2 points into Ravager/Master Focus, and put the last remaining point into Seeping Wound/Inflammation.

So, my spec looks like this:

Marauder Annihilation PvP Spec (complete):

Sentinel Watchman PvP Spec (complete):

So now we are finished with the spec and can go into the rotation and priorities.


So here is where getting Close Quarters (both factions) and Enraged Charge/Focused Leap helps out a lot. You will have a main rotation that you should be using any time it's up. If you did not spec into Enraged Charge/Focused Leap, you will not be able to complete this rotation 100% of the time.

Marauder Rotation:
Force Charge > Deadly Saber > Battering Assault > Rupture > Annihilate

Sentinel Rotation:
Force Leap > Overload Saber > Zealous Strike > Cauterize > Merciless Slash

Now, if it's up use Ravage/Master Strike after that rotation. You'll have a 50% chance they will be slowed for 1.5 additional seconds from Seeping Wound/Inflammation (3 second slow minus 1.5 second GCD) so you should be able to get the third hit off, unless they knock you back or stun you.

Offensive Abilities:

This ability should be a filler, and is your number 3 active rage/focus generating ability

(Active Rage/Focus Generating abilities by priority - 1. Battering Assault/Zealous Strike 2. Force Charge/Leap 3. Assault/Stirke 4. Force Choke/Force Stasis) (Passive Rage/Focus Generating abilities - Bleeds/Burns and  Cloak of Pain/Rebuke if spec'd into it, which i do not advise)

Deadly Saber/Overload Saber:
You should have absolutely went with Blurred Speed to reduce your Force Charge/Leap's CD by 3 seconds. If this is the case, Deadly Saber/Overload Saber will always be up when your force jump is up. These two attacks should always be used at the same time, except for a time when you're running the ball or need to force jump without attacking.

Vicious Slash/Slash versus Force Scream/Blade Storm
Rage(Focus) to DMG ratio, Vicious Slash/Slash is always better than Force Scream/Blade Storm. However, I do recommend using Force Scream/Blade Storm if they are not in range of Melee, and are above 30% health

Vicious Throw/Dispatch
If the target is below 30% health, this should be number 1 on your priority list, and should be used whenever it is up.

Smash/Force Sweep
This attack should be used where there are 3 or more opponents and they do not have major Buffs/CDs up.(You don't want to smash/sweep 3 enemies who are all bubbled)

Deadly Throw/Crippling Throw
This attack should be used every time you're going up against a healer.. unless they are really bad. A necessity for Rated WZs, and good for regs, the trauma debuff is your best friend

An absolute necessity in PvP. A long time ago I didn't use it, but it's great against tanks, or if you're in a 1v1 and need to finish them off, due to the attack not respecting the GCD

Force Choke/Force Stasis
This attack is great to wear people down. Aside from a great interrupt, if someone is attacking you and your main rotation is up, but Ravage/Master Strike is not, use Force Choke/Stasis in place of Ravage/MS and watch your bleed/burns wear them down.

Crippling Slash/Leg Slash
This ability should be used anytime someone is really kiting you, and especially on a stabby/pistol-whip Op/Scoundrels who get a speed bonus after the do an attack on you.

If I don't need predation in the beginning of a match, this attack is necessary right when your team gets into combat. It will give all of you that push to clear the objective and a greater chance of victory.

Defensive Abilities:

Undying Rage/Guarded by the Force
The most important CD, and used for those "Oh Shit" moments. Use this ability when you are sub-20 percent(sub-15 if the opponent's finisher will not kill you at 20% health) After you use this ability, you should immediately use the WZ medpack for the 35% health. At level 50(13k health), the WZ medpack will always be more beneficial than the Rakata medpack.

Another extremely important defensive ability, but can only be used against specific classes in certain trees(see below)

Marauder/Sentinel: Works
Jugg/Guardian: Works
Assassin/Shadow: Works depending on tree, must is they're melee
Sorc/Sage: Force Damage, will not work
Merc/Commando: Great against Tracer Missle/Grav Round
Powertech/Vanguard: Works enough to use it
Operative/Scoundrel: Tech Damage, will not work
Sniper/Slinger: Works if they are a casting sniper(Left Tree)

Cloak of Pain/Rebuke
This cooldown should be used when being attacked due to the ability refreshing whenever attacked

Saber Ward
This defensive CD is another "Oh Shit" cooldown. Use this ability when being attacked by multiple targets

Intimidating Roar/Awe
Very useful stun to stop the enemy team while a friendly is capping a node, or stun a groupd while being attacked to allow yourself time to get away.

Force Camo
This ability is an unbelievable tool in WZs, and should be used to get away safely, camo past someone to cap a node/bomb, get through a firepit in huttball without taking a lot of damage, close the gap between high dps ranged classes, and most importantly, make your opponents' major debuffs (like your Obfuscate/Pacify) wear off while you remain stealthed.

Some of you may be saying "this is an offensive ability" but it is not. Berserk/Zen will heal you for a lot, as well as heal your party, and is a button that I spam in every WZ besides Huttball. This ability should be used when it's up, as long as it's within 20 seconds of applying any bleed, otherwise the ability runs out.

Frenzy/Valorous Call
This ability is used in different ways depending on the match. In Huttball, this should be saved exclusively for Predation/Transcendence, and then for Bloodthirst/Inspiration when needed. In all other matches, this ability should be used with Berserk/Zen, and then Bloodthirst/Inspiration or Predation/Transcendence when necessary.

Obviously great for its speed, but also helps your team out with defense. Whenever your ball carrier needs some speed, or you have to get to a node quickly, use this.

Extremely useful in PvP to get away from scenarios, and allow our class to chain stun to allow a friendly to cap a node. Start Crafting them!

WZ Adrenal
Use them with other CDs when being attacked by multiple people.

Stat Priorities and Min/Maxing

Now this is the area where there is little information around the interwebs to help everyone out.

**First, and foremost.. Make sure you have at keast 4 pieces of War Hero Vindicator's gear.. this is the most important part of gearing because it gives you a 10% damage bonus for 5 seconds after you leap. As I said before, pairing this with the lowered cooldown is like a 4% damage increase across the board**

A lot of people will make the assumption that having 1100 power and only using War Hero's Deft Mod 26 and War Hero's Adept Enhancement 26 is beneficial. This would put your crit somewhere around 26%. I have not tried this, but don't see the benefit of trading all of your crit for power. Let it be known that Ravage/Master Strike, Annihilate/Merciless Slash, Battering Assault/Zealous Strike, Vicious Slash/Slash, Deadly Throw/Crippling throw, Crippling Slash/Leg Slash, Assault/Strike.. and by far most importantly, Vicious Throw/Dispatch.

Now, there is a damage coefficient that is applied to most of the abilities, and that can out-weigh the benefits of having more crit, Aluvi goes into more detail about this in his post here, and you can judge for yourself what you think is better

So I choose to stick with Crit :D

These are my stats now, and what I believe is around the optimal stat set for an Anni Marauder/Watchman Sent

These are all Fully Buffed and with the Rakata Might Stim as well as all companion buffs (1%) make sure you finish all of the convos with your companions to get these buffs.. check your legacy tab and Imperial or Republic Classes for more info

Strength: 1846
Accuracy: 97.90 (107.90 special)
Crit: 31.92 (buffed)
Surge: 76.77
Power: 755 (DMG Pri: 902-1048; Bonus DMG: 570)
Endurance: 1762 (20320 health)
Expertise: 1208

Now, I will go over each stat, and my reasoning behind it.

Strength: Strength gives great bonus damage and crit chance till about 1800. My current strength is 1846. Swapping out 1 Strength Augment for 1 Power Augment decreases my Crit by 0.1% and increases my bonus damage by 0.3 points. I personally would go for the crit

Accuracy: Most classes have a 5% defense chance, and others have a 10% defense chance. For a while I was at 95% accuracy (105 special) but wasnt connecting as much as I wanted to. I have since bumped it up to 97.90(107.90) where I believe the sweet spot is for PvP. Unless a tank blows major CDs, or a Mara uses Pacify/Obfuscate, you shouldn't miss.

Crit: This has been the hardest stat for me to master. When you have 5 stacks of Juyo form, your bleeds get +15% crit chance. When you berserk, they insta crit. However, as stated before, we cannot just rely on our bleeds, especially when a good healer or dps will cleanse them. All of the abilities stated above, which are not force attacks will need a decent amount of crit. I like to think that 32-33 (1/3 chance) is a great area to be in, and will provide the most beneficial results.

Surge: 75% is the soft cap for surge, I have my companion buff so I'm really at 75.77%(only .77 past the soft cap) Now, I will be doing more testing, and may increase surge to 78%, but for now, 76.77 seems to be perfect

Power: Power is unbelievably important, and will give you a lot of damage, however IMO, I do not suggest stacking power until you reach those levels in each of those stats. After you are there, Power all the way for that +.23 damage per point of power.

Endurance: I do sit at 20,320 health, and that may seem a little high, but when going up against the Best on the Server, I can get melted. I feel around 20k health is the perfect number to ensure a very good survivability. Also, the greater your health is, the more your bleeds heal you for, and the more you WZ Medpack heals you for.

Expertise: The expertise benefit varies from class to class. Healers need ~1300 expertise for the healing boost, most dps need only ~1100 expertise. I like to sit at 1200 as a Anni Marauder/Watchman Sent because we not only get the Damage boost and reduction, but also the heals from our bleeds healing us. Nonetheless, anywhere from 1180-1220 should work very well for you.

That concludes my guide, and feel free to ask me any more questions on here or in game. Below is my stream and my gear. Thanks for reading!

Ask Mr Robot Gear:

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Overload saber at 1 stack and Cauterize do caca damage, but 2 stacks and up is good times.  I usually pop Zen right before or right after the second stack in PvE, something to consider.


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Overload saber at 1 stack and Cauterize do caca damage, but 2 stacks and up is good times.  I usually pop Zen right before or right after the second stack in PvE, something to consider.

The only reason I do it before overload saber is due to healers cleansing it.. You can get off all 6 ticks in 2 seconds when you use zealous strike(battering assault) and cauterize(rupture) but you are correct, and the ideal time to pop it would be before cauterize/rupture


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