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Author Topic: Jedi Covenant Trash Talk  (Read 3505 times)


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Jedi Covenant Trash Talk
« on: Feb 04, 2013, 01:52 PM »
Remember when we turned Unicorn Stampede into a PvE guild? Since they all need to hold one another's hands while going to the bathroom/PvPing, they'll put together an 8 man super queue for regs and leave warzones till they're all together. Not exactly news. Here's Troyy's stream (BIG DADDY DEEPS!!1ONE!) yesterday with his 8 man super queue in a Huttball:



Troyy (US) (Main)
Leonardo (US) (Main)
Shatterman (US) (Main)
Perrywinkel (US) (Dunno)
Cryaraa (US) (Dunno)
Groan (Utinni) (Dunno)
Volt (Darkside) (Dunno)
Traitus (Lithium) (Dunno)

Xeosage (LD50) (Main)
Cates (LD50) (Main)
Fancy (TS) (Alt)
Saykrid (TS) (Friend of a friend)
Pug 1
Pug 2
Pug 3
Pug 4

Enter game at 8:30:30 (

Fun timeline stuff:

8:31:29 - Troyy "Let's beat the piss out of these faggots."
8:33:25ish - Troyy doing mad S-Keying followed by Cloak of Pain to fight some dude with 2% life
8:33:44 - Leonardo /stucks "I'm trying to get back to mid. I /stuck'd, they weren't going to let me out of there."
8:34:10 - Leonardo's /stuck provides a goal. Thanks bro.
8:34:55 - I die by fire pull.
8:36:08 - Our pugs give a free goal to Leonardo, second of three unanswered scores.
8:36:17 - 8:36:30 - So much S-Key
8:36:50 - Cates Interception - Leonardo "BULLSHIT! Cocksucker!" (Visibly Upset)
8:37:56 - Pulled into fire, Enure/Warding Call/Medpack
8:38:04 - While lining up my throw to the multiple friendlies, I was Rescued, throwing my reticule behind them. Inadvertant ball spike.
8:38:08 - Second fire pull.
8:38:18 - Unknown Baddie "He fucked it up. You can thank me for that bitch." No, I can't, bitch.
8:39:07 - Leonardo intercedes uptop. I leap, force push him back down. Leonardo "Tryharding their asses off." Says the guy who needs 7 other people to queue with him.
8:39:25 - Wasting time for our team to get to mid.
8:39:35 - Third unanswered goal.
8:39:45 - Troyy /stucks.
8:40:04 - Fancy scores. Had mid while I was holding off their score. I'm currently camping mid ready to unremitting and grab ball at spawn.
8:40:18 - Unknown Baddie "Fucking" You mad by Unremitting bro?
8:40:48 - Throw Fancy the ball from their ramp to make my way back mid.
8:41:50 - Leonardo "Fuck" Mad bro again?
8:42:00 - Troyy "They don't have anybody there" Except me. :)
8:42:05 - Troyy "Kill that motherfucker." etc. I have no defensive CD's at this point, and no Trooper buff.
8:42:30 - Make Guardian leap to friendly. Friendlies in endzone, throw ball while being Assassin pulled into fire, ball goes off without landing reticule, I'm Rescued from fire, ball lands. GG
8:42:35 - Neb "Did you guys lose?" Yes Neb, your guild's 8 man superqueue lost to 2 LD50 members, an alt and a friend of a friend.
8:43:14 - Troyy "That's payback for the ass-whoopin we put on 'em in the last game." Referencing an Ancient Hypergates where their superqueue beat another LD50 group running WZs. Yes, congrats on your 8 man victory.
8:44:09 - Unknown Baddie "They had two fucking tanks able to carry the ball, and we had a gimp fucking tank." Incorrect. We had one tank (me), Fancy and a Pug in Smash spec. Regardless, you had everyone with you on mumble. So our one tank advantage versus your smasher in tank spec is rather null. Keep justifying your shit play.


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Re: Jedi Covenant Trash Talk
« Reply #1 on: Feb 04, 2013, 02:38 PM »
The previous game they're referencing was vs me and zet running vigilance spec. Looooooooool


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Re: Jedi Covenant Trash Talk
« Reply #2 on: Feb 04, 2013, 02:54 PM »
These guys are good. I like them.


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Re: Jedi Covenant Trash Talk
« Reply #3 on: Feb 04, 2013, 03:24 PM »
i dont even notice unicornobs they are about same as pugs to me


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Re: Jedi Covenant Trash Talk
« Reply #4 on: Feb 04, 2013, 05:53 PM »
FUUUUUUUCK Grisha you needed to put a disclaimer on that video... THE FOLLOWING INCLUDES: Skeying, 8 man coordinated normal queues, exploiting and a general lack of anything skillful. My question now is how the fuck can you enjoy the PvP in this game with these idiots as your competition? Candy from a baby my friends.
« Last Edit: Feb 04, 2013, 05:57 PM by Relent »


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Re: Jedi Covenant Trash Talk
« Reply #5 on: Feb 15, 2013, 01:20 AM »
I liked troy's "seriously" to falling off ledge while slowed at 8:34ish


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